Friday, 20 March 2009

Welcome to Postcards from the World

The idea of this site is for people like you to send me a souvenir tourist postcard from your part of the world. I would like you to help me build an interesting collection of souvenir postcards from all across the globe!

If you would like to participate, I would of course be very grateful for your help! :)

To participate, all you need to do is to obtain a suitable souvenir tourist postcard of your town, city or country or any place you are visiting or have visited... just scan it into .jpeg format and send it to me... and I shall publish it here!

If you haven't got a scanner... here's my advice on how to get your postcard scanned.

If you would like to include a greeting or brief description of yourself and your town, that would be great! In fact, that would be very welcome and will add further interest to your postcard and the page I publish it on... don't you think? But please... be brief!

As and when I can, I shall also include a link (and brief description) to a page on Wikipedia for your location. For instance, in my case it would be for Gibraltar where I am originally from. Here's an example of a published page, including a tourist souvenir postcard of Gibraltar.

So... if you would like to participate and help me build a nice collection of souvenir tourist postcards from around the world, here's what to do:

Once you have scanned your postcard, send your card (in jpeg format) to me:

Email me here with your jpeg file attached: cybernest @ (Use the usual format - deleting the spaces) - Learn how to send images via email

If you have Skype - Add me and send me your card as a jpeg file:

My status

Don't worry if I am not showing online - You can still add me and either send me a file or send me a message and I shall try and get back to you.

Please DO NOT send just any holiday snaps of places you've visited or other similar photograph... (especially rude ones - these will simply be deleted), as these are not suitable.

This site is about collecting tourist souvenir postcards of your location, your home town, city or country or of places yu have visited. Any OTHER type of card will NOT be published... ok? Good! :)

You can, if you wish, also leave a comment here using the form below to ask questions or whatever you wish to say.

Comments left on this page will be deleted after I have dealt with your query (unless it's in any way instructive for future visitors/inquirers).

I shall do my best to respond to ALL inquiries or comments... unless they are ignorantly abusive or SPAM... in which case they will simply be deleted!

For any other comments related to postings... please use the 'Comment' feature available at the bottom of every post.

I do hope you can help me build an interesting collection of souvenir postcards from all across the globe... so please do paricipate and send me your souvenir tourist postcard!

I look forward to receiving many great postcards from all across our wonderful world!

Thank you for visiting! :)

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