Friday, 20 March 2009

A note on Scanning your Postcards

Some of you have written to me saying you would like to help me build a collection of souvenir tourist postcards but you cannot participate because you haven't got a scanner!

Well... naturally, I'm really grateful to them for wanting to help build my collection and I can understand that not everyone has a scanner... but guess what? I haven't got a scanner either. I've never really found a use for one... so I can understand the many of you who may not also have a scanner!

Here's what to do. Many of my friends and family, I find, do have a scanner. Also, there's a little PC shop just across the road from me. For a matter of pennies, they are happy to offer a scanning service for images. As and when I have ever needed any image scanned, I've simply either asked my friends to do it for me... or, as a last resort, I've popped into my local PC shop and got them to do it. My local PC shop have charged me 50p for that.

Now that's not prohibitive is it? :)

Send me your postcard

If you like would like to help with my souvenir tourist postcards collection why not send me a postcard from your town, city or country or somewhere you have visited around the world? Read how you too can participate... click here

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